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Welcome service is targeted towards international newcomers - postdocs, researchers, or doctoral students coming to CIIRC CTU from abroad.

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Torsten Sattler

Tenure Associate Profesor

My name is Torsten Sattler and I did my PhD in computer science at RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany. Afterwards, I spend 5 wonderful years at ETH Zurich, first as a postdoc and then as a senior researcher, before accepting a tenured associate professor position at  Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. In mid-2021, I joined CIIRC as a senior researcher on a tenure track position funded by the RICAIP project. I am part of the robotics and machine perception department at CIIRC and am currently building my own research group there. Moving to Prague and starting at CIIRC was a very smooth process for me, despite happening during the COVID-19 pandemic as I got all the help that I needed from CIIRC and CTU: I was pointed in all the right directions and could always ask when I felt I needed information (and I got very quick replies). I very much like living in Prague and found it easy to adapt to local life here.

Varun Burde

PhD student

Hello, I am Varun Burde from India. I did my Master's degree in Cybernetic and Robotics from Czech Technical University, Praha. I started working in CIIRC as an intern at the Center of Machine Perception group; afterwards, I started my role as Technical Worker later in Year at Testbed. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student working on Neural scene representation under the supervision of Dr.Torsten Sattler and Ing. Pavel Burget, Ph.D. 
 The onboarding process to CIIRC was straightforward. I was asked to visit at the mentioned time; everything was prepared in advance. HR team explained the onboarding formalities and walkthrough with the signing of the contract. The team is knowledgeable and well aware of visas and other formal conditions. Also, during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the team was very supportive and helped repatriation back to the country.
 My overall experience living in Prague has been great. Prague, the heart of Europe, is a beautiful happening city with excellent quality of living. 

Mohammad Rohani Nezhad 

postdoc researcher

My name is Mohammad Rohani Nezhad from Iran. I did my PhD in industrial engineering and operation research. After my PhD, I decided to continue my research journey as a postdoc researcher at CIIRC. I joined the Industrial Informatics Department in late 2019. Everything went well at first, but we encountered the Coronavirus pandemic very soon. Although the distance from family, closing borders, and epidemic worries marked difficult days, some things made the situation bearable for me; Living in beautiful Prague and working in a high potential and multidisciplinary group with people who almost always are ready to help you. Their behavior reminds me of this quote from Russell, “Remember your humanity, and forget the rest”. I made many right and wrong decisions when I look at the past of my life. But definitely, it was one of the bests.
 Now, after two years, I feel stronger, happier, and more knowledgeable

Kateryna Zorina

PhD candidate

My name is Kateryna Zorina and I did my masters at Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine. I joined CIIRC in March of 2020 as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Vladimir Petrik and Josef Sivic, Department of Applied Algebra & Geometry. For me the onboarding process was very smooth, the HR department and my supervisors were very helpful. All work-related things were easy to solve. I enjoy living in Prague as it is a beautiful and very green city. I notice that Czech people do a lot of sports which I find encouraging. Also, there are a lot of good beer places :) In general, there are many things to do in Prague. All the places have English-speaking people, except for governmental institutions and most of the medical facilities. But for those, you can find a Czech-speaking buddy to help you out.

Maxime Pietrantoni


My name is Maxime Pietrantoni, I did my studies in France within CentraleSupelec school where I was enrolled in the applied mathematics major. In cooperation with Naver Labs Europe (NLE) I started my PhD in CIIRC in September 2021 under the supervision of Torsten Sattler to work on localization related problematics. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the transition from France to Prague was relatively easy. Indeed Prague offers a great quality of life as a dynamic town that keeps an appeased and green visage. Cultural and social life are vibrant despite the communist heritage while the attracitvity of the town keeps increasing with throughout the years. The Czech people are very welcoming once you pass the first impression/contact. On the administrative side the transition was smooth as CTU handled most of the heavy work while I could handle the rest without any Czech language skill.

Elizaveta Isianova


My name is Elizaveta Isianova, and I am a researcher at the Testbed for Industry 4.0 here at CIIRC. My story might be pretty different from my other foreign colleagues’, as I had already lived in Prague for three years by the time I joined my department at CIIRC in the middle of 2021. I was nominated for this position by one of the professors of CTU FEL, where I am currently completing my bachelor’s degree in Robotics and Cybernetics.
What I value the most about working at CIIRC is the opportunity to work with the most innovative technologies, such as industrial electronics and robotic systems. 
, due to the highly time-consuming studies, working time flexibility is a gigantic advantage of this work.
Thanks to my colleagues, the onboarding process was absolutely stress-free 
 Would I encounter any problem, there would always be someone eager to help. “